The Burden Horticulture Society (BHS) is a non-profit organization of people interested in participating in and supporting LSU AgCenter's Botanic Gardens at Burden, located at 4560 Essen Lane in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The purpose of BHS is education, fund raising, and assisting in the promotion and development of the Botanic Gardens.

Our educational programs include Project Learning Tree and monthly lectures; our promotional activities include art and music events, Arbor day, Corn Maze, and Wine and Roses.  The gardens and Trees and Trails are open to the public year round.

Who are we?

John Hough, Chair
Eilleen (Missy) Jones, Vice Chair
Martha Rome, Treasurer
Aline Creed, Secretary

Leo Broders
Scott Courtright
Sherry Eubanks
Kerry Hawkins
Kathryn Hessburg
Simone Kramer
Doreen Maxcy
John McCarthy
Kathleen Meares
Mitzi Miller
Cynthia Nobles
Richard Oliver
Barbara Quirk
Mike Ruth
Lorice Say
Peggy Scott
Mary Tauzin
Diana Wells

Our Leaders - BHS Board

Burden Horticultural Society will be a strategic partner in fulfilling the goals of the Burden Center Master Plan, including developing garden collections that reflect the heritage of south Louisiana and establishing focused gardens; greenhouses; and training and support facilities that will provide a complete horticultural education experience for the general public.  


In concert with the Burden Museum and Gardens Master Plan, the mission of BHS is to enhance and promote the Botanic Gardens at Burden and its serene environment for the benefit of the public through educational programs, fundraising, and volunteerism.​

Dr. Jeff Kuehny, Ex-Officio Director
Len Kilgore, Liaison to Burden Foundation
Dr. John Russin, Liaison to LSU AgCenter

Advisory Committee:
Connie Abboud
Leslie Bardwell
Annette Barton
Margaret Blades
Ginnie Bolin

Ken Bosso

Lauren Buckholtz
Kitty Bull

Judy Foil
Ted Jack

Kay Martin
Penny Miller
Frances Monroe
John Monroe
Cary Saurage
Susan Severance

BHS Mission

& Vision